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  1. I (and many of my friends) for one reason or another often finds in mood to burn a dvd fron an img/iso compressed in a rar/rar files ... and instead of having to extract the rars .. waiting 5+ minutes ... we would be able to burn it straight away ... just like I can watch the dvd unburned from the rarfils with vlc (as mentioned above) if it doesn
  2. Hi! A neat little feature I think many users would appreciate would be to be able to burn an rararchived imagefile to dvd. to explain what I mean I will post a snippet from a VLC Media Player plugin that enables VLC to play DVD imagefiles from within rararchives : "The VLC UnRAR plugin turns VLC into a RAR player that allows you to watch videos (including seeking) directly from inside multi-volume RAR archives without the need to manually unpack them first. No more waiting for files to extract, simply open the archive as any other video file and watch! Just download the plugin for your operating system, follow the installation instructions and you

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