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  1. tried it with the same medium/project-setup - just got an access denied in the 2nd instance of ImgBurn, but nothing hangs ... any ideas how to trace back/track down the driver/software interfering with ImgBurn and causing the explorer-crash?
  2. tested it further: 1. on a different computer with win-xp SP3 installed, nearly same software setup (except Nero instead of Roxio installed) 2. in a virtual machine running on the original vista-computer [with the same device that led to a crash under vista], OS in VM is win-xp SP3 (clean install) -> hitting win+E causes no problems and works fine over there in both setups -> so this might be a vista issue, a device(-driver) problem or an interference with roxio (although not running roxio at the same time ...) any clue?
  3. Tested again without inserting a USB-Stick Yes, everything hangs up when hitting win+E, ImgBurn seems to recover sometimes but is not able to proceed correctly, I attached the log of my last try. To reproduce: Write files to disk -> after writing the lead-in hitting win+E -> explorer does not fully show up, vista declares explorer does not respond any more, ImgBurn does not write any more, rate drops to 0 ... [letting time pass does not seem to change anything]... -> launching task manager (wdm.exe seems 2nd biggest process (next to ImgBurn) in amount of memory and cpu usage -> kill wdm.exe) -> klicking on explorer again -> vista tries to restart explorer ... layout/explorer completely broken -> ImgBurn somehow pronounces many retries in writing -> closing ImgBurn lead to some error message ... I'm using the default installation (no config change to default), i.e. I/O is SPTI Tried to check other I/O-interfaces, but they don't seem to be shiped by default installation ... ImgBurn.log
  4. When [inserting a usb-stick and] hitting win+E (Explorer) during a burn process the explorer crahes. The displayed writing rate in ImgBurn drops to 0 and does not recover (under Vista Sp1, ImgBurn Both (explorer and ImgBurn) cannot be closed except via task-manger (by luck - in most cases only a hard reset helps, sometimes even the task-manager does not pop up when requested to kill Explorer or ImgBurn ... ) A reboot is needed in each case to release the device (dvd-rom does not react on eject) Problem might be related to exclusive lock of Device ... ... a vista-bug or ImgBurn ... ?

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