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    automatic device sequencing in queue

    thanks cornholio7 it is exactly what I was looking for! ...tp... tp for your bunghole...uhuhuuh
  2. Hello Lightning UK! is it possible to automatic link (sequence) images in the queue to different burners? in case of 4 burners: image1 -> burner1 image2 -> burner2 image3 -> burner3 image4 -> burner4 image5 -> burner1 image6 -> burner2 image7 -> burner3 image8 -> burner4 image9 -> burner1 etc
  3. I am looking forward to the new version... in which multiple drives are supported for the queue ETA? Lightning UK!
  4. Thanks Lightning UK! You're the man...
  5. Lightning UK!... great to see you back! is it possible to build in a commandline parameter that instructs imgburn, in iso write mode, to wait until a disc is inserted... instead of exiting?

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