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    ERROR "invalid or unsupported image file format

    Yes, it all makes sense now. Mmalves, your help has been greatly appreaciated. I believe this particular issue is resolved(fingers crossed). Thanks again! All you guys Rock. I couldn't hardly beleive it--everyone jumps in to help--even the creator!! I will definately be donating to the program. Thank you LIGHTNING UK for making this a free program!
  2. noeinstein

    ERROR "invalid or unsupported image file format

    I remember that about FAT32. I understand your explanation of the iso situation. Now I realize that I didn't extract the files before burning them to dvd!! And it's probably why when I try to boot the new drive from that dvd, that I get a "cannot find NTLDR" error>restart. That's what I get for trying to troubleshoot issues when I'm tired! But thank you for your help. I really appreciate it!
  3. noeinstein

    ERROR "invalid or unsupported image file format

    Yes sir, I would've saved myself all that trouble--you're definately right. However, i'm glad it happened this way, giving me an understanding of how to handle iso files and such. I appreciate your help. I will try 7-zip soon. Thanks a lot!
  4. noeinstein

    ERROR "invalid or unsupported image file format

    copy/ b? If that's a command/command line switch, I don't know exactly how to do that...but I did try browsing for my files using ImgBurn>Tools>Create DVD MDS File...& the program doesn't recognize them as existing files: ex: I browse to the folder where the files are and it appears to be empty according to ImgBurn. I do know that ImgBurn is associated with the ISO file type. Any other suggestions, or will you explain how to join the files into a single .iso? Your help has been extremely appreciated, esp. since it's so late.! Thank you!
  5. noeinstein

    ERROR "invalid or unsupported image file format

    I used WinRar,opened Tools>Show Info, and the ratio is 100%, & also it says ISO 13346 UDF Archive. It does not say RAR volume. I've viewed the files using WinRAR from the numbered archive files and found that they do indeed exist. Since the ratio is 100%, should I be able to burn the files as they are without unpacking to use them as a bootable disk? Gateway E4000 - XPSP3 - IE8 - Samsung TSSTCorp SH-S202N DVD RW Drive - Memorex DVD-R disk.
  6. noeinstein

    ERROR "invalid or unsupported image file format

    I've not installed WinRAR yet, but when I look at the properties of any of those numerical files, they say 001 file, 002 file,etc., respectively. Do you suggest I install winRar? Im wonderin if my file types sre messed up?
  7. WinXP-SP3, 1.5GB mem., Celeron, plenty 'o space, TSST Corp. (Samsung) SH-S202N DVD RW drive, Memorex DVD-R single layer disk. I'm having a similar issue as momof4 is having. I tried to drag and drop the file into the Imgburn drop zone but then i get an error "invalid or unsupported image file format". The difference is that I downloaded Win7 RC from a file-hosting site, and, of course, the ISO's came in parts(001,002,003,etc.). Now I realize that the ISO extention is associated with IzArc. Also, the files end in .iso.001, .iso.002, etc. Since I'm burning to a Recordable DVD(I don't have any RW's & I only have 3 left/no $), should i rename the files one at a time, removing the numerical extentions? Should I dis-associate IzArc? Please help? And thank you in advance! ImgBurn.log

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