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  1. hello! I agree with all that ISO composing is needed. Lets suppose that you don't want to run too many programs on your computer. One of the reasons is that your registry file will get too many keys (wich you can't get rid off later). Most of late burning programs just want to call home (so i guess they're all collecting some data), where is my privacy then? And i don't want that someone will collect all my gf pics, and use it someday for unknown purpose. Ok maybe i'm overdoing, but maybe just that happend someday and you can never know whats going out when everything is heavyly encrypted this days. And frankly i haven't seen any program better suited for this job then this one. So i say yes to ISO image building from files on my hdd. Comes inhandy when you want to make backups, storing my art, my music i made, ... etc etc. I wonder why people always get wrong impression that burning is used just for illegal copies For that work people use cloneCD or cloneDVD or something like that, i think, and no simple ISO building tools. ps.: sorry on my bad english... i hope you'll all survive that
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