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    Select folder to Burn

  2. tekkkkkk

    Select folder to Burn

    hi, in the last version 2.5.7, when select folders to burn, only one folder i can choose at time. If i try to choose multiple items, no one item is selected. Regards
  3. Hi, my antivirus (Kaspersky 2011) show me a popup every time Image Burn start: 02/01/2011 12:23:30 ImgBurn - The Ultimate Image Burner! Allowed: PDM.Invader (loader) Any idea ? Regards
  4. Good Morning, with WindowsVista SP2 when the burn proccess start this warning appear: W 15:02:02 DeviceIoControl(FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME) Failed! - Reason: Access is denied. however, the process ends in OK Regards

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