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    Problem viewing movies

    <deleted my reply> I reread your post and at first didn't realize it pertained to the layer break.
  2. hollywood

    Audio CD image names

    Thanks. I found the CD Info icon on Imgburn and the CD I tried did not show any artist or album info. I tried others and they did show the tag info, and Imgburn did insert a proper file name to save the image. Your program works as it should ....I just incorrectly assumed the CD I tried had the CD Text because it showed the track names in my car and iTunes. thanks for replying and a great program!
  3. hollywood

    Audio CD image names

    Hi, I want to backup most of my CDs (music library). If I use the Ez-mode screen and choose to create image file from disc, it generates a default file name to save as IMAGE.BIN (or whatever extension applies to my rip). Many of my CDs have ID Tags that my player reads. Is there anyway to get the CD name from tags (or whatever is written on the CD) or from the online databases that other programs use to retrieve titles and tracks so I don't have to type in 600+ artist/album names? I might be missing something, or this might be a feature request? Congratulations on all of your work becoming a great program!
  4. hollywood

    FLAC to MP#

    you need to install a "codec" on your computer that decodes FLAC. Google "DCBass and FLAC", download that program and run it. Then restart Imgburn and click on the Tools drop down menu, then choose Create Cue Sheet. Drag your FLAC files to that dialog box and it should work now.
  5. hollywood

    m3u files

    thanks, i'll try it right now
  6. hollywood

    iTunes, tags, and confusion :)

    That was my question and i'm guessing no too, but was hoping I was just missing something. My CDs do show text on my car CD player. thanks for all of your hard work!
  7. Hi, I'm new here. I found out about this program when I googled how to burn FLAC files. This program is a little like another program I used called DVD Decrypter Here is my question. Most of the folders of MP3, FLAC, or other music file types are filled with the files named after the songs. Some have .CUE files, some don't. Some files have numbers that correspond to the order of the CD(s). MOST CDs I BURN IMPORT TO ITUNES WITH THE TRACK AND ARTIST info etc. I assume iTunes is getting the names off the internet, as I have heard of Gracenote and such. When I burn the songs from a folder to an audio CD, is there a method of (on the CUE screen or something else) to add embedded codes(track and album names) that iTunes could read and use? Example 1: I drag and drop my favorite songs to make a custom compilation, so the CD would not be in a database. Example 2: A folder is missing a song but I want to import the rest of them. I don't understand the CD Text or Tags. I am hoping there is just a combination of setting in Imgburn that will do this when I burn a CD ....or maybe iTunes only reads "known" CDs for track info from the net? Imgburn has been great! ...as well as DVD Decrypter.

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