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    Simultaneous burning doesn't work

    I made some tests. It appears that if the burns are executed even a little adjacent to each other, that is to say, if there is even some seconds' gap between starting times, the buffers will continuously run out and the burning process will be slow. However, if the burns are executed absolutely simulatenously, then it works just fine with 100% buffer all the time. It appears that if the image file needs to be read from only one point at a time, the number of drives burning the data is not so important. That is to say, there would not be any more bottleneck concerning the hard drive than there usually is with a single burn. So, that's the trick how Nero does it. I'm sorry to hear that this will not be implemented in Imgburn, since this is such a great software in every other aspect.
  2. lavvu

    Simultaneous burning doesn't work

    Right, well I guess I'll have to use Nero instead. Thanks anyway for the info
  3. lavvu

    Simultaneous burning doesn't work

    I understand...well, it does seem to work using multiple instances of imgburn (at least with ISO --> cd burning, haven't tried with dvd yet). So maybe here could be some room for a feature request
  4. Hi guys, I'm new here so please excuse me if this is a newbie question. The problem is, when I try to write a single image file with multiple recorders (I have two drives), it still burns with only a single drive at once. That is to say, when I add the image file two times and use the "set current device" -feature to assign them to different recorders and insert blanks into both, it first burns with the first recorder, and once that it finished it starts with the second. Any way to fix this? Unfortunately I do not have the program log, I forgot to save it before quitting. If that is a problem I can ofcourse save one next time.

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