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  1. Thanks! Here's a related feature request then.
  2. When in /PORTABLE /NOSAVESETTINGS mode, how about an additional command line parameter that would be equivalent to the EVENTS_SaveLogOnExit=0 setting? The current alternative is a read-only INI file with the "don't save log" GUI option.
  3. While the inner log is useful, I don't want it to be saved as an actual file, at least not in /PORTABLE mode. Is it somehow possible to stop saving it? I've found neither a command line option nor a GUI one to turn it off.
  4. Even though this topic wasn't moved to the Guides' forum, I still treat it like the official guide for bootable Windows OS disc...
  5. If you do that, ImgBurn asks you to change "Level 1" to "Level X" and "Standard" to "DOS". I did both and it seems like the bios can still read the bootable disc, so I think ImgBurn is right. Please consider updating your post (update: thanks!).

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