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    Optiarc BC-5500S buffer problem

    Right you are, files are displayed but playback fails sooner or later. As of your media recommendation - here in Russia we haven't heard anything of Taiyo Yuden. I have opened the last graph datafile (TDK DVD-R SL media, MBI 01RG40) with BurnPlot and attached the screenshot to this post.
  2. Geryon

    Optiarc BC-5500S buffer problem

    Just did that, but with no effect. The problem persists. Writing on 1x speed works most of the time though (even before INF update and Matrix Manager installation).
  3. I've got a Sony VAIO NS-11ZR (Intel PM45 Express chipset) laptop with Optiarc BC-5500S burner, running 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium and I can't burn any DVD. To be precise, DVDs are burned but they're unreadable. (The CDs are burned without any troubles) While burning a DVD, Optiarc's buffer level jumps wildly from 5% to 97%, but no errors are reported by ImgBurn during the very burning process. Still, testing fails; and burned DVDs can't be read anywhere. I already installed the newest SONY flash for the drive (1.77), but nothing changed. Changed DAO/SAO mode to Incremental, and nothing changed. Changed SPTI interface to ElbyCDIO and nothing changed either. Bought DVD media of different vendors, but in vain. I've read many tips about enabling DMA mode (symptoms of an IDE drive running in PIO mode are quite close to those of mine), but seems they're unappliable to a SATA drive like mine. I've also found no traces of any SATA-via-IDE in my BIOS, because the BIOS menu itself is very simple and only contains boot and password options. Log: ------------ I 16:54:37 ImgBurn Version started! I 16:54:37 Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition (6.0, Build 6001 : Service Pack 1) I 16:54:37 Total Physical Memory: 2
  4. Geryon

    optiarc bdrom 5500s

    Will anybody explain how could XJB enable UltraDMA mode on a _SATA_ drive? When I look @ my IDE controllers in Device Manager there's only that Intel ICH9M AHCI SATA Controller (I have SATA HDD and SATA burner), and no any IDE channels to enable DMA at. But I am running Vista Home Premium x32, not Ultimate x64 XJB has got.
  5. I 03:43:33 Destination Device: [2:0:0] Optiarc BD ROM BC-5500S 1.83 (F:) (ATA) But Optiarc BC-5500S is a SATA drive, how comes it's displayed as ATA in ImgBurn?

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