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    Using ImgBurn to make a Windows XP boot CD

    I followed the guide to the letter but only got a bunch of warnings from imgburn that wanted to change things. First it didn't like the ISO9660 + joliet and wanted to change it, I looked back at my nero tutorial and it had ISO9660 + joliet so I ignored that warning only to be warned more near the end with all kinds of irregularities found by imgburn itself so I quit and reinstalled nero just to make my boot cd. I was using the latest version of imgburn and it ticked me off with all its warnings. Between your over simplified tutorial and imgburns refusal to accept it, I got turned off on imgburn as any kind of replacement for anything let alone Nero. Someone needs to update this Tutorial with one that works, or at least tell you when to tell imgburn what it can do with all its changes.

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