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    skip burn sectors

    With my burner the write process completes 100%, but when verifying the disc some bad sectors will be found. So the mentioned above is not allways the case?
  2. In case it is not possible to skip sectors, then dummy files should be burned on those places, meaning that the image recorded on the media will not be exatly the same as the image file (user should be notified about this).
  3. Shelluzo

    skip burn sectors

    Well, you don't have to skip sectors, couldn't you just burn dummy files to the bad sectors and continue the rest of the files on the "good" sectors?
  4. Hi, This program has a nice feature "Verify". But when "Verify" gets read errors due to bad blocks/sectors on CDRW and DVDRW rewritable media, then user should be asked for a re-burn with the option to skip the bad blocks/sectors when writing the image to the media again. Thanks for a super nice piece of burning software =)

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