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  1. The only thing I changed was the write speed setting, I set it manually to write at 4x.
  2. I seem to have resolved my issue burning on 4x with the Verbatim disks.
  3. Thanks I will try different disks, the 360 is new so I know its not the drive. All other games work fine just seems to be anything I burn since rebuilding my PC, kinda frustrating but I'll start with new disks. I manually set the imgburn speed to 2.4x as I have read this is the best way to burn a 360 game.
  4. Having some issues burning xbox 360 games, they burn fine using imgburn on my samsung TS-H552U burner on verbatim DL disks, the game loads into the xbox but at various stages will fail with disk unreadable or black screen. It started happening after I rebuilt my PC due to O/S issues and now all my burns no matter what the game cause this issue, any ideas? TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552U US09 (ATA) Current Profile: DVD+R DL Disc Information: Status: Complete Erasable: No Sessions: 1 Sectors: 3,827,488 Size: 7,838,695,424 bytes Time: 850:35:13 (MM:SS:FF) Supported Write Speeds: 2.4x DVD

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