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  1. I find myself victim of a burner with a very annoying "feature": If the tray is left open too long it closes itself. I was burning a set of 5 disks, I walked away during the burn of #4 to deal with a problem elsewhere. When I sat back down at my computer it was burning #5. This could happen because the target media is DVD+RW and the warn on non-blank disk is off--I'm almost always burning onto non-blank disks. The drive door closed itself, the system went happily away burning the next image. I've done this by accident a few times in the past over the years accidentally closing the door while reaching for the disk but simply blamed myself for the stupidity, this scenario is worse because it's unavoidable other than by turning off auto-insert.
  2. Loren

    Finalization error handling

    I've got a spindle of questionable disks--about 1 in 3 burn fine, the rest fail with power calibration errors while finalizing. Unfortunately the label is long gone, I don't know where to return them nor could I prove whose disks they are so it's either get what I can out of them or toss the whole spindle.
  3. Loren

    Finalization error handling

    The problem is that if it can't finalize the disk you're stuck in an infinite loop. Tell it to cancel and it finalizes again. It's *NOT* the drive hanging--it eventually gives up and comes back with the error about not being able to finalize. I'm not saying to dump it out in the middle of an operation, I'm saying to optionally not attempt to finalize on an abort.
  4. Imgburn is determined to finalize a disc no matter what. There is nothing you can do to simply abort a burn even if you get repeated errors attempting to finalize it. Of course if you don't finalize the disc it's just a coaster but if you know it's failed anyway there should be a way of saying to completely abort. At least my burner is external so I can unplug it and get out. If it's internal you're stuck--even if you kill the task the drive will be locked. IIRC the only way out of that one is to reboot. While this is operating as designed that doesn't exempt it from being a bug. It's simply a design bug instead of a coding bug.
  5. I'm going nuts here. I can burn a DVD no problem but I'm getting problems burning a CD. Miscompare at LBA: 10, Offset: 14 Device: 0x10 Image File: 0x0A And each sector after this the values for both the device and the image increment by 1 up through 74 for the original then it starts over. I don't know if the problem is on the write (they seem to play ok but it's video, not data, some errors might not cause harm) or verify. I find the fact that the device value is the decimal of the hex value of the image very interesting. I suspected AnyDVD but when I rebooted without it, no change. It shouldn't have had any effect anyway as it was turned off for the burner. I tried burning to an external drive instead--exactly the same problem. The files I'm burning are .nrg's created with Nero 6. I've tried reinstalling Imgburn, no change. Looking through my tray for anything else potentially suspect I tried disabling ZoneAlarm. No change.
  6. I was just coming to ask for this also. I think it would be easy to implement. Two boxes would be a bad idea in fact. Internally there should be four speed variables, CD, DVD, CD-RW and DVD-RW. Note the type of media loaded and display the speed last used with that media type and prefix the speed with the media type. If no media is loaded you see whatever was last used. It would also note the type of file picked and would switch between CD and DVD based on it's size if there was no loaded media. Take the incident that prompted me to post: I had been burning CD's at 24x. I finished, the next day I was burning DVD's. I forgot about the speed setting and tried to burn at 24x. Of course it cried foul and burned at the limit of the media, 8x. What should have happened is that when it saw the 4gb .iso or the DVD+R blank it should have switched to the last speed I used on such media, 4x.
  7. Loren

    Verification problem

    A new user here, I just tried ImgBurn for the first time. Source: A .nrg file, the actual contents of which are a VCD. Target: CD. Outcome: Verify failure. Oh, well, once in a while it happens even with CD's. Insert another blank, try again. Verify failure--exactly the same address, exactly the same mismatch. I then fired up Nero. Same image, same drive, same spindle of blanks, no problems.

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