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    hello. i'm using imgburn with my hp dvd630e 8x (usb 2.0) on my laptop via a pcmcia usb 2.0 card because i laptop doesn't support usb 2.0. my problem is that burning programs, even imgburn, don't burn at a constant high speed. the drive is able to burn at 8x on dvdr's. the thing is, imgburn can burn and will burn at a low speed between 1x and 1.3x. but the thing is, when i started dragging around windows on my screen, the burn quickly upped in speed creeping upto 7x to 8x as i dragged around the windows, and the burn quickly finished. the burns turned out fine. i tried again and the same thing happened but when i let go from dragging windows, the speeds lowered to 1x. i've updated firmware to the latest and everything. could it be the buffer or cache? can anyone help me out with an answer to try and get it to stay at 8x, or above 1x? i have burned a test cd using nero with the graph and it's funny how the speed dips when i'm not doing anything and all of a sudden rises as i drag windows around. heck of a graph though. specs. 1.79ghz mobile athlon xp2400+ 1024mb ram 64mb dedicated to video. pcmcia usb2.0 card hp dvd burner 630e thanks

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