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    Bug with Layer Break Flag setting on ISO burns

    Yes, I burned the raw files with RecordNow Deluxe, not the ISO image. To be exact, I re-extracted the original ISO image (deleted the one modified by ImgBurn) and mounted that in a Alcohol 120% virtual drive, and added the "raw VIDEO_TS files" directly from the virtual drive. Since RecordNow does not need ot modify the original files, this works quite nicely without the unnecessary step of extracting the files from the ISO. So, perhaps you are correct that it padded the burned disc to make it's selection of cell 23 valid. I'll attempt to verify it by the method you suggest. I also need to refer to the DVD-VIDEO specs and get smarter on that. You are way over my head on some of the things you are referring to. In particular, I need to check try to recall some of my math courses for notation like (mod), which I think means the remainder from an integer division... Thanks again - it looks like your algorithm for choosing the cell for the flag is correct and compliant, and we managed to catch a math error for this type (ISO without flag nor .MDS) of image. I will try to verify that RecordNow is correctly padding to be compliant!
  2. fordman

    Bug with Layer Break Flag setting on ISO burns

    OK, I was just looking at one back when I wrote the original message in this thread. I'll see if I can find it again, or look for others. For the .IFO files I posted in the zips attached to the original message, I looked and saw that ImgBurn chose cell 25 as the layer break flag point (a integer multiple of 16 sectors), while RecordNow Deluxe chose cell 23 (not an integer multiple). Meanwhile my preference would have been cell 24 because of a scene change between cell 23 and 24. Anyway, can you confirm my math that RecordNow Deluxe chose a cell that does not conform to DVD-VIDEO specifications? Also, do you have a handy link to this rule? I'm only asking because I may pursue this with Sonic so that they can fix their program to make it compliant. Though I haven't had trouble with layer changes written by RecordNow up through this point, it would be nice to be confident in it's results! Thanks for your excellent detective work! I'll give you feedback if you release a new version that overcomes this issue.
  3. fordman

    Bug with Layer Break Flag setting on ISO burns

    OK, just checking back in after being away for awhile. I understand what you say here, and it appears that it both explains why my VOB was changed, and why the BUP was NOT changed - correct? The BUP was not changed because the changed version was buried in the VOB file that was altered? Meanwhile the original ISO file had the unaltered BUP file contents past the address space for the VOBs? So, it appears there is no reason to use the grab5m program now? I guess I need to do some more research about the multiple of 16 sectors for the layer break flag issue. I can point out various places where originally mastered DVDs do not comply with this, and as I said RecordNow Deluxe 7.3 does not pick flag positions that correspond to this, yet it changes layers flawlessly, even on older players which would have a problem with the lack of a layer break flag.... Sorry I left you hanging on this. I got busy with other things, and when I didn't see your usual quick reply, I figured it might take some time to work it out. As you can see, I am a bit obsessive about verifying my data backups before erasing the original files... fordman
  4. Hello, I was using DVDD and saw ImgBurn, which I installed. I declined to uninstall DVDD when it asked, however. Does the "engine" for ImgBurn in any way affect the choice of a layer break in DVDD when I burn with DVDD and open the .MDS file which I created with DVDD? (EDIT - note that the .MDS was created when reading the disc to an ISO image - I did not use the separate option to create a .MDS file, which I realize does NOT parse ISO files to find the original LB position) I ask because, despite installing ImgBurn, I decided to continue using DVDD to burn some dual layer images I had read to my HD with DVDD. As usual I opened the .MDS file and in the LOG it showed that it was using the VOBU/ECC method of finding the optimal layer break position, instead of "copied from original image" like it always used to. So, is there a .DLL file that ImgBurn installed that overwrote what DVDD was using and is not affecting the choice of layer break position in DVDD? This happened for a total of 4 images now.....did DVDD just burn them in the dumb ISO mode and ignore the .MDS information? Thanks, Ford Man
  5. fordman

    Bug with Layer Break Flag setting on ISO burns

    OK, I saw LIGHTNING UK!'s post regarding the placement of layer breaks in his post here: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?s=&show...findpost&p=8192 and looking at VTS_C_ADT in IfoEdit, I see that the start sector (+1) of cell 25 is evenly divisible by 16. How important is this, though? I burned the files from the original image with RecordNow Max Deluxe 7.3, and it chose cell 23, whose starting address (+1) is NOT evenly divisible by 16. Is this important because sectors are only allocated in a layer by groups of 16? I've never had an issue with layer breaks created by RecordNow Deluxe... In addition, I've noticed that pressed DVDs don't necessarily have the break on a cell which begins on an address that is a multiple of 16 sectors. By the way, beside modifiying the VTS_01_0.IFO and VTS_01_0.BUP on the recorded disc to include the layerbreak flag, RecordNow left the rest of the files identical to the originals, as has been my experience in the past. What really amazes me about this program is that it does this on the fly without even having to modify the original files on your hard disk. Those remain without the flag information. Perhaps Imgburn would be best served by following this approach, i.e. don't modify the actual ISO file itself, but rather make the layer break flag changes "on the fly" like RecordNow Max does. Of course that would make any image verification fail afterward...
  6. Thanks - I read somewhere on the forum a recommendation to create a .MDS from the DL ISO, so I thought it must parse the ISO and create a .MDS with the LB info in it. Thanks for confirming that the MDS creation utility functions as it did in DVDD. By the way, I confirmed that those discs were indeed parallel track path, thus the selection of the VOBU/ECC boundary for the LB!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply - I realized the ambiguity in my statement and edited my post to confirm that the .MDS was created automatically when I read the disc (4 total - 3 from one set, 1 separate) to ISO image. So, it appears this was a coincidence then that I ran into my first 4 (2 if you count that 3 were from the same set) discs with PTP authoring after installing ImgBurn. On another, but related subject: If I understand it correctly, if I have an DL ISO file without a .MDS file, I should use ImgBurn's option to parse and create a .MDS file, and burn with that .MDS? The .MDS should function as if it was made along with the image in DVDD? Thanks again, fordman

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