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    Buffer jumpy ?

    Ok. Im running Nod32 Antivirus, Daemon Tools (newest), AnyDVD (newest), and thats it. Ill try shutting them off while burning and see if it helps as well Dont have any extra drives atm, but ill hopefully get some new ones soon, just waiting for some nice deals on newegg for drives.
  2. matt546

    Buffer jumpy ?

    I have 1.5GB (3 X 512MB) PC3200 (400mhz) Ram. My hard drive is a SATA150 250GB Seagate. And the DVD burner is a SOHW-1673S Lite-On. But.. I figured out what was wrong. I was burning at 16x and that sometimes creates a shitty burn, I always burn as slowest or second slowest speed on my dvds. my drive does have SMART-BURN? which prevents it from creating a bad burn when the buffer runs out. I also just upped the buffer to 256mb. Ill see if that helps. What interface should I choose in that section of the options? Does it make a difference? Its currently on STPI - Microsoft. Higher Priority? I put it on Realtime and when a program loads, any program, it still dropped the buffer even at normal or lower process. And my firmware is upgraded. Think I answered all the questions. lol. Thanks
  3. matt546

    Buffer jumpy ?

    It is using DMA and I even did what the FAQ said, didnt work. Any other suggestions?
  4. matt546

    Buffer jumpy ?

    When im burning an image and i try to do one thing on the computer the buffer(not device buffer, although this can drop like between 10-30% sometimes) drops to like 0% after like 2-3 seconds. This often times causes skips and jumps on the video after its done burning. Is there anyway for the program to stop doing this besides not touching the computer for 15-20 minutes? All i may do is open a conversation with a friend in MSN messenger and then it dropps instantly. CPU usage is like 5-10% at the MOST before it drops. Any suggestions?

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