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  1. I'm using a Sony DRU-700A burner that I have made hundreds of DVD burns on using Nero. I recently wanted to try using ImgBurner after hearing good things about it. The problem i'm having is that IB can't seem to properly recognize the media i'm using, Verbatim 8x MCC 03RG20. When I start up IB it is able to detect my DVD drive, but it says there is no media present in the drive when there defintely is. If I click on the Change Book Type button it will say, Current Media: DVD-R (which is true). Doesn't make any sense that it recognizes it in one place but not the other. When I close IB and open up Nero and try to burn, Nero says that the disc is not empty. If I restart the computer the disc is now recognized by Nero as empty and I'm able to burn normally. On one occasion IB did actually recognize a disc, but it read at as not-empty when that was not the case. Another question, if I get the media problem resloved, is there any way to set the book type to DVD-ROM? My drive is not listed when you click the Change Book Type button.

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