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    Can't burn files with different extensions

    I got it. Thanks for clearing that up. That sounds like it'll work much better for me.
  2. I used to use Nero Express to burn a bunch of mixed files such as .doc, .avi, .html, .inf, etc. on to a CD. I don't want to install the bloatware and much prefer ImgBurn since it's light and effective. However, I clicked on the button for files and folders and selected "all" the files within one folder but a few didn't burn to the CD. I used a Sony CD-R. I don't need anything special; I just want what I selected to be burnt on to a CD. I didn't see a guide for this type of burning. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot.
  3. Cade Foster

    Layer break for +DL

    LUK, I need some clarification concerning "layer breaks." After I decrypt something and use ImgBurn to burn it, I want to know if a certain decryption program that has the option to "calculate optimal" layer breaks for DL media needs to be unchecked BEFORE burning with ImgBurn? I ask this because ImgBurn also has the same option where I can check to "caculate optimal." Does it matter that both programs have these two items checked or should the generic decrypter program have this option unchecked, vice versa? Do all DL media use layer breaks? That hasn't been my experience and I have very good eyes when it comes to digital artifacts appearing on a DVD disc. I mean, the majority of the discs out there on the market are DL. Anyway, thanks for any help you can offer. Cade
  4. Cade Foster

    BIN Files

    Hello, I just burned a .BIN files without a cue sheet with Img Burn. How was that possible without the cue sheet? I kept my fingers crossed hoping for the best and the best is what I got. Can I burn all .BIN files that don't come, unfortunately, with a cue sheet? Please explain this stroke of luck to me. Thanks. Cade Foster

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