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  1. bovirus

    ImgBurn - Italian translation

    Sorry.. I forgot to attach the file. Fixed.
  2. Hi. I updated the italian translation for ImgBurn Please update it into the website. Should be possible in the future to localize system messages (ex. scanning optical unit)? Thanks. ImgBurn_2.5.8.0_italian.zip
  3. bovirus

    ImgBurn - Italian translation

    Please add my name (bovirus) in italian language translator field in download web page. Thanks.
  4. Here you can find the italian translation for ImgBurn ImgBurn - Italian translation The translation is complete. If you find errors or you want to make some proposals email me (bovirus AT live.it)
  5. bovirus

    Italian Traslation

    Is it possible to upgrade the language to the latest changes (master = 1.0.8)? And also could you propose to change Files in File Directory in Cartella And change all text strings with only the first in Uppercase (except for owner name)?

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