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    Unable to Install v2.5.0.0 on Vista SP2 x64

    Thanks for the explanations, your patience and your help. I
  2. brain_death

    Unable to Install v2.5.0.0 on Vista SP2 x64

    Yup... After your last post I copied the entire ImgBurn folder over from an x86 install, with the idea of using the start menu shortcuts from on the x64 machine. The whole issue started again immediately, until I excluded the copied folder from the overzealous attentions of my antivirus program. This is an earlier version from those on my other machines, since their later version does not work well with Vista SP2 x64 and so immediately has put me on my guard. Why are there no issues with the previous versions of ImgBurn do you think? Thanks for all your help!
  3. brain_death

    Unable to Install v2.5.0.0 on Vista SP2 x64

    Thank you for your reply... > Can you actually run the installer? Yes. > Does it go through all the motions and look as if it installed properly? Yes. > If you start with an empty 'ImgBurn' folder in the Program Files one, do any files get put in it? If so, which ones exactly? Obviously I’m unwilling to go through all this again, but from memory the ImgBurn folder is populated correctly with all the files you’d usually expect. > Does the MD5 of the file you downloaded match the one on the download page? Yes. MD5: F3791CFACDAC03B9E676E44AA2630243 > Obviously the installer is nothing to do with me, it's just the latest version of NSIS. Looks a bit dated if you ask me. Just thought you needed to know!
  4. I’ve always rated ImgBurn and have had no problems with it before. But though v2.5.0.0 installed great on Windows XP SP3 and the RTM build of Windows 7 x86, I could not get it to install properly on Vista SP2 x64. The install seemed to go fine, but there were no icons for ImgBurn in the Vista start menu and my whole system slowed to a crawl, even after a reboot. It wasn’t possible to open the Windows Task Manager to see what was going on, to start ImgBurn or to uninstall the program without going into safe mode. Even installing under safe mode didn’t make any difference, neither did changing the options in the ImgBurn installer or running this as an administrator. I’ve now gone back to on that system and it works right out the box. Don’t know if it’s just me?

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