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  1. Hey everyone, this may seem stupid, but I was burning MCC 003 (Verbatim +R, supposed to be burnt at 8x) at 2.4x because I forgot to change the setting from my DL media. Is this bad? I did a nero quality scan of the disc, here it is:
  2. Sooo... I'm wondering if I'm supposed to be trying to set to DVD-ROM, is this for DVD+R, am I wasting my time trying to bitset this burner, or wtf? I tried changing the booktype on the next burn to DVD-ROM, and it said that it was successful, did one more burn, and the same results. -R is the most unsupported "booktype" media out there. You cannot with -R media set the booktype to anything else other than -R this is because with -R media, the booktype is already on the media. To burn dvd's with support for "picky players" such as your Pioneer standalone, you need + media where you can set the booktype (either +R or -ROM), which is then written to the +R/+R RW/+R DL (unlinke -R media which already has -R on the blank media). Hope this helps, as so to answer you question about wasting your time: yes, trying to set the bitsetting aka booktype with -R media is a waste
  3. thanks, I know this, as I stated I did it specifically in imgburn. anyways, turns out it was still telling me the type of disc (DVD +R DL), but the disc's booktypes are in fact DVD-ROM, thanks in any case!
  4. Hey all, I started burning with ImgBurn with Verbatim's media (MKM ... 001) and I have been having one issue, it is that I noticed the discs I burnt were set to +R DL, but when I had originally flashed my NEC 3540A to 1.W8 (liggy and dee's) firmware, I had set the default booktype for all +R media (R/RW/DL) to -ROM. After I noticed that the discs (6 of them or so) were burnt using the +R DL booktype, I tried to set the booktype to -ROM (it said successful) but then I burnt another disc and it's +R DL, so I have no clue wtf is going on here..... The 3540A is attached over USB (in a usb enclosure), is there something wrong with the firmware or is this an imgburn issue? Thanks, HiBob
  5. Hey, was just wondering if I finish a burn with a DL media that says max 2.4x and it says in ImgBurn that it went at 2.5x at the end of the burn, is this bad? will this be a bad burn (ie, in the future will it be unreadable?) Just wondering to make this backing up process worth while. Burner: NEC 3520A/NEC 3540A Media: Verbatim DL (lifetime warranty)
  6. HiBob

    Imgburn + AnyDVD

    I'm using AnyDVD in the background now (seeing as I just purchased it) and it will be running when I use imgburn to burn my iso's. AnyDVD uses ElbyCDIO to access the DVD Burner and since it runs in the background I am guessing that I should change the ImgBurn I/O prefs to use ElbyCDIO? Is there anything negative with this? Should I just use default SPTI and have anydvd shut down? Thanks in advance, HiBob
  7. I'm backing up dvd's and trying to get as close to 1:1 backups using Verbatim's DVD +R DL What settings should I have in Write tab and the I/O tab? Can someone explain the difference between between "interfaces"? ie, aspi, and asapi, etc. What about write type? What about layerbreak? Thanks in advance! Hibob also: what is the best DVD +R media for my NEC 3540?ie, Lifetime warranty! This maybe be important: the DVD Burner is hooked up via USB!

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