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  1. Here you can find the Greek translation for ImgBurn The translation is complete. Today I have notice that the translation editor have replace the Greek letters ί έ ό ά ή ύ ώ Ό Ώ Έ Ά Ή in some cases with ι ε ο α η υ ω Ο Ω Ε Α Η and vice-versa. So few sentences in ImgBurn, (without the appropriate intonation), in Greek language, make no sense. I am verry sorry about that, I hope I have correct it now. This is the new language file, I have delete the old one. greek.rar Please LIGHTNING UK! update the download page with the new file. And again, to the Greek that have download the first language file, I am verry sorry about that.
  2. Kostas Renegate

    Greek translation

    Hi all. I have translate the language file from version to version for the greek language. I have used the Greek translation file version from Zavlakas for the old entries and add new translation entries. Hope you all Greek speaking enjoy it. greek.rar

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