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  1. Thankyou i took your advice and ordered some verbatims and have had great results i have burnt 10 disks without any errors and they all work fine thankyou for your time and i think i will order some more verbatims.....
  2. Hello i am fairly new to burning xbox 360 games the problem is i downloaded and installed img burn and have managed to burn 1 or 2 games but then i started to get errors sometimes in the middle of burning and sometimes at the end so at first i thought maybe it was my dvd burner (although fairly new liteon) and so i transfered everything to my wifes laptop with the same results i managed to burn 1 or 2 but then started to get the same error message. Anyway i thought maybe it was that you needed a specific dvd burner but if that was the case surely it would not have worked in the first place or maybe it could be the disks i am using BULKpaq DVD+R DL any help would be much appreciated and thankyou in advance.1mg_burn_error.doc
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