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  1. everything is ok now, thank you so much for your helps. if i have some poblems, i am going to inform you!!! Best regards!!
  2. The problem you have come upon was one of the 3 minor missing parts that i already fixed. The problem haven't kept the "ImgBurn" from running, but, of course, it's made a draft on us. Please use the latest translation. And if there is a problem in the latest; be kindly inform me here, i will try to fix asap. P.S. LIGHTNING UK!, please update the site with latest translation (August 3), thanks again. hi ZorAce, yes this is the last update problems, i am using latest translation.i hope u can fix soon. thank you Best regards!
  3. i had some problems for Turkish translation.i attached images, i hope you can resolve... thanx...
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