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  1. Personally, I like YYYY/MM/DD, but it hasn't caught on (anywhere). :)


    As far as metrics, the US tried, at least back in the (*ahem*) 70s/80s. :blush: I was only taught metrics in grade school... I still don't know standard measures very well because they were never taught, nor metrics because they were never used.


    I have my handy-dandy standard-measures-conversion-table posted on the refrigerator to this day, if I need it! :thumbup:

  2. I see the 3550 is crossflashable to a 4551! Anyone tried this?

    I downloaded all the stuff to do it, just in case, but I doubt I'll ever try it. I still haven't found the courage to flash to the bitsetting firmware, which is something I'd actually use. :rolleyes:


    Techno mom

  3. I haven't modified the firmware yet, just tried changing DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM since my burner's firmware does allow that (btw changing the Book Type in ImgBurn works just fine if the firmware allows it!). My home video is now on a DVD+R DL, and my DVD player can read it! I'm thrilled!


    I'm going to have to give the modified firmware a try so I can use single layer DVD+Rs. Hope those work, too.

    Thanks for the input!


    techno mom

  4. I have an older stand-alone DVD player which won't play writable DVDs, however, with some research on videohelp.com I found it supposedly will read DVD+R disks if the book type is changed to DVD-ROM. I bought some +Rs, but I couldn't figure out how to change book type in my Nero OEM version (it probably can't), so I tried ImgBurn. I have a NEC 3550A burner and when I tried to change the DVD+R booktype, ImgBurn gave a failure message. Does this mean my burner doesn't support book type changes? ('bet I know the answer to that...) Am I just not meant to get the home video onto DVD!?!


    I remember seeing a hacked firmware for my burner. How safe is it to use hacked firmware?

    Thanks for any words of encouragement you can offer!


    signed, frustrated wannabe techno mom (with a small budget)

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