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  1. As a huge fan and supporter of IMGBurn...would like to say...nice to see you back UK. A suggestion (not sure if it's been mentioned before or not) would be to have IMGBurn capable of burning the VIDEO_TS folder. When it comes to images, IMGBurn is the exclusive burn-program of choice. Would like to make it exclusive burn-program of choice too for VOB's. Thank You many times over for all your hard work. An outstanding program..truly. Other's could learn a thing or two from you. Cheers BlkPnthr
  2. It sure would be handy if IMGBurn was also capable of burning VOB files directly from the VIDEO_TS folder. Right now, this is my only stumbling block to use ImgBurn exclusively for all my burns. Currently is does a phenominal job at images....second to none (other then DD of course....) however, it's my opinion, this would be a huge added bonus.
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