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    Computer Hangs when finialising

    Thanks, Guys, for listening to me and your help. Thanks, Lightning UK, for your help, information, and, mostly, your program. Buy the way, for everyone's information, I changed to Verbatim DL disvs and the hangup has not appeared again. I will stick to Verbatim!!!!! Ricky
  2. I am using FUJIfilm DVD+R DL discs. Don't have problems with non DL discs. Decrypter burns them o.k., too. The disc burns; however, when it comes to finalising part, computer hangs. I wait 1/2 hour and it still says that it is finalising. When I abort, it tells me to be patient; I have to shut it down with task manager as it won't close. Previous version of Imgburn does o.k. Don't know what the problem is with the old version. Anyone else having this problem. I have already ruined three DL discs.

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