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  1. Is it possible to have this automatically selected when adding audio tracks to a cue sheet, so I don't have to go through each track ?? ciao, TommyZ
  2. I suspect the drive. I have just replaced a LG GSA4167 for the same reasons with a PIO111D. I use only Verbatim 16x and with the LG every other disc failed. No probs with the new PIO. And never LG again. HTH, TommyZ
  3. Thank you for the quick reaction. BTW, better a false positive than one slipping by... ciao, TommyZ
  4. Hi ! Just D/L Version 2.0 and installed. During Install I got a virus warning from F-Secure, PECompact virus found. What to do ? ciao, TommyZ
  5. How about FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING with CreateFile ? ciao, TommyZ
  6. Suggestion seconded !!!! Especially as I do not know any app that can do DVD9 (DL) really OK. ciao, TommyZ
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