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  1. Oh come off it, one of the solutions would work... I think someone is telling porkies. Out of interest, how long did it take you to read all 100,000+ posts? So you're a self confessed noob and yet you won't take our advice about discs? Hmm ok, that makes sense - NOT. Buy discs your drive likes or buy a drive that likes your discs. So Which drive should I buy for Platinum Discs or what brand of disc should I buy for my drive....????(last remark is a joke of course.....)
  2. Hello everyone, Sorry to bother you with this old problem but I haven't found a solution yet, even though I've read all the answers here on the forum. I use Platinum Dual Layers, my drive is a HL-DT-ST-BDDVDRW CT10N. I think there is no possible update for this drive, I checked this today on my Laptop I must have burned 15 XBOX 360 games or so...until the day it gave me the the L0 data zone capacity error......Nothing special happened the day before that day, it was just out of the blue!!! Since then, I tried burning on Nero, but that didn't work either. a few months ago I got an Update from Imageburn, and the first game I tried to burn worked!!!! after that single one, the same old song was sung again unfortunately...... I'm a computer noob, but changing a discbrand can't be the solution imo.....Platinum are very good discs I've heard and experienced. Could someone give me a clear and 100% working solution if possible..... Thanks in advance for your help, sorry to bring up old stuff but I'm dying to play my XBOX360 again!! Grtz Ronnie from the Netherlands
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