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  1. canadian bacon

    DVD-DL burning

    yes it did ifcrule 1972,,and the layerbreak is were the original is,,,,to me it seems there is no differance between +r and -r DL,,,DL+Rs are more easier to find so ill stick with them,,,hey if its not broken dont fix it,,,cheers
  2. canadian bacon

    DVD-DL burning

    spski,,,,there is a warning about DL-R in the beginning,,i ignored it and burnt it anyway,,then i compared it with the original and the layer break was at the same spot,,,i see there are not alot of DL-R fans here,,i just thought i give it a try to see what the playback was like on my players,,,they are fussy on DL,,one thing i will say that the updates on imgburn made it a whole lot easier for my players to read,,nice to watch a movie entirely without it freezing up,,,cheers,
  3. canadian bacon

    DVD-DL burning

    i have burnt DL+R with my sony as is,,and it plays perfect on my players,,,i changed the booktype on my LG and now it plays perfect on my picky players,,I.E. panasonic,,and i have used DL-R,,and it also playys great,,and i checked the differance on the layer break from the original,,I.E. star wars,lord of the rings and king kong,,no diff,right were the original break is,,so is the burnt one,,,i love it.cheers
  4. canadian bacon

    DVD-DL burning

    thanks guys for all your help,,keep up the great work
  5. canadian bacon

    DVD-DL burning

    HEY,,THANKS ILL SEND SOME MAPLE SYRUP YOUR WAY TO,,EH,, CHEERS P.S. i have changed to dvd rom from my LG recorder,what about my sony,,dosnt have a setting for that,,how can i change or make sure it burns as a bookrom,,cheers
  6. canadian bacon

    DVD-DL burning

    how do you change the book type to -ROM??
  7. canadian bacon

    DVD-DL burning

    thanks guys,,,and no im not have to much trouble with DVD+R DL,,, PANASONIC,MY SONY DVD RECORDER, have a hard time reading it,,my pioneer wont read it at all,,my son has a tv dvd combo,,APEX,,if i burn it with imageburn,,it wont read it at all to,only with DL discs,,not the 4.7 discs,,they read find with all with imageburn,,and yes i use verbatim and fuji and memorex,,they all burn fine with imagebrun and play flawlessly only on my playstation 2,,thats why i thought i could try the -R to see how this would work,,im going to burn one,,ill let you guys know what happens,,,UK buddy your the best,,keep up the not good,great work,,,if you were a little closer i throw some maple syrup your way,,cheers
  8. canadian bacon

    DVD-DL burning

    i have used DVD+DL for awhile,,some of my standalone players are picky on the playback,,so far the best to playback is my playstation 2,,there is no skips,freezes,nothing,,just thought i try a differnt format to see if it would play on my picky players,,
  9. canadian bacon

    DVD-DL burning

    good day eh,,,im tring to burn to -R DL and i get this message,,layer jump recording disabled,cannot set layer break position when burning DVD-R DL in DAO mode,,since i updated to i have gotton this message,,can some one help please,,cheers #39;(

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