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    ISO file for dual layer burning

    Thanks for reply My problem is not with ripping the movie. I have downloaded IMGburn yesterday for the first time (introduction to it) What i read about IMGburn seems to be the answer to writing on dual layer correctly. However, I don't get it right. I need some guidance in the whole process of writing the DL DVD after ripping it with DVD Decrypter to an ISO format. I'd appreciate your help Thanks Theard
  2. Theard

    ISO file for dual layer burning

    Thanks for reply No don't have problem burning iso yet, but do not know how to get the decrypted iso file with IMGburn. In DVD Decrpyter I was used to Unde Mode menu go to iso read or iso write. Please don't get frustrated with me. I'm trying to do my best. Theard
  3. Hi guys I'm really new to dvd copying, but have started with dvd decrypter and purchased dvdFab Gold. All weel, but i don't seem to manage to get it right copying to a Verbatim Dual Layer 8,5GB dvd+r disc. I found this forum and guides on Imgburn 1.3 but am still confused?? (Don/t wanna Waiste another DL Disc.) Can someone please tell me the details on getting an ISO file ready to burn with Imgburn on DL. Do I have to decrypt the movie/e.g. in DVD Decrypter or can i do it all in Imgburn? Looking forward to some clearance Regards Theard

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