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    Convert Video_ts to ISO

    Thanks. It works Does video quality degrade after converting like this? I watched them both and didn'e see any different but my eyes aren't that good though #39;( I don't know why I have to quote in order to respond?
  2. RN09

    Convert Video_ts to ISO

    So how to convert Video_TS to ISO? I thought after converted theses, files would became one big file ISO, not result same as before. I don't want to burn into disc just want to keep in my hard drive. Thanks
  3. I have movies already ripped. Each is Video_TS and Audio_TS. Used imgburn converted to ISO but they came out the same as before. Imgburn > Mode > build ..... Everything seemed smoothly. Took about 5 min for a 4.3gb movie. It came out a winzar, extract it there were two folders: video_ts and audio_ts. Inside video_ts a whole bunch of files BUP..... exactly the original one. What did I do wrong?

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