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  1. The thing with his son & feeding the croc--and, truthfully, looking at the video, the kid didn't appear to be in danger, imo and Austrailian CPS--was a momentary lapse in judgement

    *CPS=Child Protective Services


    From the moment he stepped into the crocodile enclosure his son was in danger even if he said he was in control you can never foresee the unexpected, I bet he thought he knew what he was doing with the stingray

  2. [i don't understand where all this animosity comes from, but then I don't have to live in Australia. I guess you all have chips on your shoulders down there (maybe originating from a lack of identity).


    Before you start name calling anybody or any nationality think twice, I happen to be part Australian and take offense to what you have just said, I as well as many others on this forum think you are an arrogant little c**t that needs to keep his mouth shut and his nose out of other peoples business, it's not your program if you don't like it then fuck off and leave us all alone.


    One more small point Mr Defecation was it not you that insulted blu ? So who wins the argument now ? Did you not throw the first insult ?


    EDIT: I did edit part of this for other peoples sake

  3. Gone for an hour or so and I miss all the fun, that'd be bloody right


    @ MJ I DO NOT accept your apology, how dare you talk to me like that, that is so rude


    seriously MJ don't sweat it I have no idea what you said, although Corny said it was bad and your Mother would be very ashamed if she heard you talk like that, now just go and clear all those bad calvert thoughts away because I know thats whats made you say all those bad things and if you need a number for a good therapist I saw one on the toilet wall just under where I wrote calverts IP address

  4. Yo calweycn your IP and others peoples IPs are logged all the time why don't you just shut it and enjoy the benefits of this fantastic freeware program.


    And anyway i have tried the program with it turned off and turned on and it doesn't make a damn difference to how fast it loads.


    @MJ is that that number you sent me, I posted it on all the walls over here like you asked

  5. @ calweycn I'm not after a rise although I am sick to death of hearing you do nothing but whine about imgburn, if you like "nero" so much stick with it and and piss off and leave us, the ones that are quite happy with imgburn, alone


    Thankyou for your non valuable input, now as I said piss off and don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out

  6. I always like that saying so many assholes and so few bullets :D


    I think there's a couple members on this forum that are on the top of the list, and the beta team know who they are :whistling:

  7. I do wonder why some Brits and Europeans are so sensitive about this.

    I hate to tell you pain man but I'm neither Brit nor European :)

  8. lets not start all this football stuff again, remember football is played with your feet and without layers of plastic to protect the feeble bodies underneath

    soccer is a term used by americans to define what football is ( foundation year)

  9. Lol, I thought the esky was an International tool, a must have. :D


    ok now we call it an esky for the aussies out there, or as the neighbours to the east of oz call it a chilly bin

  10. Have you dusted off the barbie yet corn ? :P

    oh get bloody real :doh:


    corny dusting of something :huh:


    for shits sake he's always busy on the bloody forums :swear:


    go on corn your turn :boxing:

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