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  1. Sounds like you wanna cast multiple votes LFC. :D


    And don't give Rotties a bad name. Firey loves them and they aren't bad dogs at all.


    (Sorry Jill, did I offend you by saying that gives Rotties a bad name???) =))




    No Blu I'm not offended :D but I think men should be offended at the fact you put yourself in the same class and call yourself a man (sorry blu did I offend you by saying you give men a bad name). Don't get me wrong not all men are bad just the select few <_<


    Now if you want to continue the rock throwing go right ahead, but I was on the apparent misguided understanding that we were all supposed to be friends here and we were all going to stick together, did something change and I missed it?


    I know we all like to have a joke at each others expense sometimes and normally it dies down pretty quick but Blu you seem to be like a dog with a bone at the moment, just don't know when to bury it and walk away.


    So now it's time to stop all this infighting with each other and get back to what we had before, I'm sure on clinks mig$y said the same thing.


    @LFC I'm really suprised at you :(

  2. Christ guys whats it with everybody lately kirk hasn't posted songs in ages, well maybe the odd one but if you don't like them then don't listen to them.


    Shit blu what is it with you? you got something stuck up your arse or something? you seem to have it in for everyone lately.


    Think with all this negative crap going on I'm gonna give these forums a miss for awhile until blu calms down :angry:

  3. lfc you should know blu has to pick on the pomms for something :) can't pick on the cricket so he has to pick up on the spelling :wacko:


    @LUK you've done a cool job regardless of what blu says :thumbup:

  4. snazz wait until you get your phone first most popular model phones with bluetooth come with a special cable thingy that you can connect to your computer with


    and if it doesn't most bluetooth adaptors are compatible with most of those popular phones now

  5. Actually... I have to confess... *I* stole the mice :devil:  I am using them in my latest mad scheme :albert: for world domination.    :queen:




    And your real name would be what? GEORGE BUSH maybe :wacko:


    @db don't take those mice round to kirks place he's already had the chiggers etc. :doctor:


    @kirk remember i made mention of the bubonic plague awhile ago? just stay away from db ok :faint:

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