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  1. Hey LUK and all the folks here, It's good to see the familiar "site" names. I've been busy doing life and recently found out the demise of our dear departed friend DVDD. I have the IMGBurn and love it, thank you LUK and everyone else for all your dilligence and support. I always get the solutions from you guys I'm looking for when I need them. For the "Newbies" like me,.... I can't stress it enough either,.....read the directions carefully,.....you'll find what I did. A beautiful software program that enables you to back up your cherished memories to DVD, period. No one here will straight tell you how to commit a crime. LUK has been through the ringer. Stop harrassing those who spent years giving you, yes, giving you free of charge you knuckleheads, a way to do things you had to and still have to pay for. LUK, we have a mutual business acquaintance I understand, so now you have my undying loyalty for sure. (and donations)
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