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  1. Does this qualify as news?




    It's too much hassle to move things around manually for rtl so really it's your choice if you want me to flip the 'BiDiMode' switch and make it look like the above (it's all automatic), or keep it ltr how it looks now (like on the version you're running)


    the menu is looks good. but the part under is not RTL.

    Should make Change of all parties. What is now the right meter should be on the left and What is now the left meter should be on the right. and all sring text it must be Align Right.

  2. You've made a new *.lng file yes?


    If so, please email it to me - even if it's not complete.


    I've added new code to change something internally if a language is selected which the OS says should use RTL and now I need to test if it works or not.



    ok. what is your email address?

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