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  1. Gentlemen, Just a quick followup to the above post... After a thorough test, I am pleased to say that my tools (Virtual PC, Regshot) report that the /NOCANDY switch used in the installer does not activate OpenCandy, or leave any traces of OpenCandy on my "system". The downside is, of course, that you must execute the installer from a command line window. For simplicity, you could rename the installer to just "IBsetup" (or anything else that's simple) and type IBsetup /NOCANDY I doubt that capitals are necessary in the option switch, but that is untested. For more information, see http://www.opencandy.com/faqs/#avoid The excellent product ImgBurn is still "open for business". Cheers, - Surveyor
  2. I haven't used ImgBurn in a while - had some hardware issues 1 or 2 versions back - so I decided to get the latest version. I was surprised, as were many others, at the inclusion of "OpenCandy" in the installer, and shocked at the number of strongly negative posts about that. Let me start off with 2 comments: I think ImgBurn is an incredible project, and worthy of generating a little cash for the author, but I DETEST Adware things that install on my computer. I don't even like it when Windows tries to go behind my back. So, I set out to do a little experimenting - in Virtual PC (for safety). I'm not an expert computer whiz, or a hardcore hacker - just an intelligent guy who wanted to fix a problem. For the benefit of anybody out there in my position - love ImgBurn, HATE OpenCandy - here's what I learned (and yes, you can BEAT this, keep reading...): The wonderful tool 7-Zip can open the installer and extract most (all?) of the necessary files. ImgBurn, once extracted, will run. The scripts for the installer (Nullsoft), however, generate ALL KINDS of (i.e. many) registry keys necessary for proper running of ImgBurn (mostly shell integration). This means that you probably should use the installer. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * So, to BEAT OPENCANDY, just disconnect your Internet (temporarily)! Unplug the cable (if you have one), or disable your connection - it's that simple! OpenCandy exists ONLY because of the Internet and cannot do its job if the Internet is not connected; the DLLs used (placed in a "Local Settings/Temp/nsx3.tmp" folder) test for connection, and just give up if it doesn't exist. Without the Internet, the installer completes and DOES NOT INVOKE ANY MORE OPENCANDY dialogs. LIGHTNING UK! has already suggested this, along with the "/NOCANDY" command line switch. A domain block, as was also suggested, is a little beyond some people, and unnecessary. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * As a followup, let me say that (from testing) after the first reboot following installation (do it!), the temporary folder and its DLL contents is deleted. Leave your Internet unplugged or disabled until after the reboot, just to be safe. Using some other great software (Regshot) confirmed this - nothing remained on my system except that necessary for ImgBurn. This is what the OpenCandy license (in the installer) says, but I DON'T TRUST THEM. For the record, LIGHTNING UK! (ImgBurn's author) is correct; you can complete the OpenCandy dialogs and not install anything but ImgBurn, but on MY system, the "Custom Installation" selection appeared to be disabled (i.e. grayed out). Thats just SNEAKY and UNDERHANDED. Most people see that and think - "Crap, I CAN'T do a custom installation". Not true, of course, but an attempt at trickery, in my view. To LIGHTNING UK! I appreciate you trying to get a few dollars/pounds for your years of working on ImgBurn. And OpenCandy is not illegal, or probably not even considered dishonest. But it CHEAPENS your efforts and reduces your program to a simple carrier for adware, and trouble. I think of a classically trained actress, with experience in fine drama, whose agent - after 9 successful years - says "Hey babe - youse got to doll yourself up a bit in this business! Howse about more lipstick and lots of rouge, and a really short skirt would wow the producers!" So she changes her look to resemble a prostitute. Ok, maybe she gets a few more roles, but they won't be Shakespeare! If you (LIGHTNING UK!) are a professional programmer - do you want to be known as the guy who "f'ed up an excellent package" with OpenCandy? It might hurt your resumé. - Surveyor P.S. Just search "ImgBurn" "OpenCandy" to see how this affects your reputation. I hope you're getting a LOT of dough from OpenCandy...
  3. Yes, that was exactly it! I never really noticed that option - looked in the "Settings..." stuff thoroughly, though. Thanks for the quick reply (2 minutes?) - you must have been watching me through my window...! - Allen
  4. I upgraded from to and now noticed that when using "Create Image File from Files/Folder" (Disk Layout Editor) there is a problem. When I drag and drop (or use the Add folder button) to add SUB-folders to my project, ImgBurn shows the full folder structure in the project, starting with the topmost parent! In other words, if I "burrow down" to a folder 6 levels deep, and drag it to the project, the whole hierarchy is shown, starting with a level 6 levels above the one I want - no good! At first I thought it was an "option setting", but can't find it. I have gone back to v2.5.5.0 (it doesn't do that) just for that reason. My system is XP SP3; perhaps this behaviour is peculiar to my system...
  5. Cynthia, Thanks for the reply. Alas, I could not view the URL - same problem as before. However, you can retrieve the files at http://members.shaw.ca/atbcls/temp/ for a time. I will leave them at that location for a week or so, but then I likely will have to nuke them; I have a limited amount of space available. If you feel they are useful (I think so, at least), then perhaps they can replace the previous ones. Content is identical; just the bookmarks have been added to help in finding your way around. - Surveyor P.S. I REALLY like ImgBurn! I have been playing with the idea of a .CHM (searchable, etc.) to replace the guides, etc., but that would be some work. I have done the same for a couple of other projects - check out http://akelpad.sourceforge.net/files/docs/AkelPad4-Eng_UM.zip for an example of my "work". Note (Dec 28, 6pm): Files have been deleted from "shaw.ca", but are still available in the "Guides" forum.
  6. Surveyor (new member) here... I have downloaded the PDF versions of the ImgBurn and Settings guides (#3, #11) and find, as with all PDFs, navigation to be poor or non-existent. I have, therefore, added a complete set of bookmarks to each, but... I CAN'T FIND ANYBODY'S EMAIL ADDRESS OR VIEW THE MEMBERSHIP LIST! ("[#10221] You do not have permission to view the member listing." Does anybody?) Could anyone respond to tell me what to do with these PDFs? I think others might appreciate the bookmarks if they could be posted somewhere. I don't have the room on my free "webpage" to post them there. They are nearly the same size as the originals - 3710K and 1905K. Thanks, in advance.
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