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  1. Thank you for your reply. I mean, filename in FILE section in CUE. It's not a problem that opening unicode filenamed CUE file. A problem is that ImgBurn cannot load the file which is pointed by 'FILE' section in CUE, if there are unicode characters. For this file(that I attached), it doesn't make an error when I use Windows XP Japanese because its chracter is japanese native character. But in WinXP Korean, it's not supported by native codepage, so it has to be treated as unicode characters. I didn't tested this problem in WinXP English edition. If I change the flac's filename and CUE sheet's FILE section to Latin character, ImgBurn can load flac and even read TITLE and PERFORMER section in unicode properly. The only problem is FILE section.
  2. If there are unicode characters in file section of CUE file, ImgBurn reports error and cannot burn image. Here's my example: 1. Select 'write image file to disc' 2. Select CUE file (which is containing unicode filename in FILE section) as source file. 3. ImgBurn reports error dialog like that: Cannot open file: E:\??OpeningSoundtrack.flac Reason: the filename directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect 4. ImgBurn Log: E 19:23:10 ParseAudio Failed! E 19:23:10 File Name: E:\戯画 Opening Sound Track 2001-2002 (2002-11-01)\??OpeningSoundtrack.flac E 19:23:10 Reason: Unable to open file. E 19:37:00 ParseAudio Failed! E 19:37:00 File Name: E:\戯画 Opening Sound Track 2001-2002 (2002-11-01)\??OpeningSoundtrack.wav E 19:37:00 Reason: Unable to open file. 5. CUE file's content 戯画OpeningSoundtrack.flac.utf-8.cue: PERFORMER "Various" TITLE "戯画 Opening Sound Track 2001-2002" FILE "戯画OpeningSoundtrack.flac" FLAC TRACK 01 AUDIO TITLE "Face of Fact" ... CUE file and FLAC or WAV are absolutely correct file. I can play it with foobar2000 player. CUE file's character encoding is UTF-8+BOM. I changed it to Unicode and got same result. When I rename FLAC or WAV file to latin chracter and edit CUE file, it works properly. system : windows XP sp3 korean ImgBurn Thank you.
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