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    Can I copy JPG photos to DVD?

    Not yet but soon. Lightning_UK! is furiously coding the next version as we speak. Stay tuned....... As noted above by Flawless115, ImgBurn (in its current capacity) only burns disk images. Again, wait for the new version. It has a great deal more functionality than the current public version. Yes and no. If you use *good* media, yes. If you use crap media, no. Afterall, if DVDs were not a very good way to store data, we would not have progressed from the humble VCR. A big thank you Shamus, I have now used Folder2Iso, with Imgburn, and they are safely on a DVD for storage. A donation is winging its way as we speak. Many thanks one and all.
  2. pegasus2120

    Can I copy JPG photos to DVD?

    Folder2Iso is excellent. I have just downloaded it and with Imgburn copied my JPg pictures to a DVD. It is so quick and easy to use. Thanks for the information
  3. pegasus2120

    Can I copy JPG photos to DVD?

    Thank you both for your advice and comments. I look forward to the new version of Imgburn. I agree with your comments re the DVD's I thought that I would be safe using these. I am presently using Verbatim and Datasafe DVD's and so far they have been very good. Again, thanks
  4. pegasus2120

    Can I copy JPG photos to DVD?

    I am trying to backup my JPG photos to DVD. Can I do this with Imgburn. I have used the browse button to find the file, but Imgburn does not recognise the file format. I have scrolled down the list and JPG or TIF does not appear there. I would also like to back up files and programmes. Can Imgburn help me with these backups?? I have been told on another Forum that DVD's are not the best way to store photos as they don't have a long life. Is this correct? What other media would I use?

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