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    etfsboot.com file?

    Ah ha, yes, I should have done that instead Oh well, I'm going to have to either get another "etfsboot.com" file from somewhere or I'll just look long and hard until I can find my other disk that I lost, lol I understand I can make an image of the CD/DVD with ImgBurn, so when I do find the DVD I'll do just that, at a low reading speed just so it wont miss anything Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it
  2. raptor_dash

    etfsboot.com file?

    I have attached a screen shot of what is in the "boot" folder. And within this folder there is no " etfsboot.com " file nor is it any else on my hardrive for that matter. I'm not sure whether this is an upgrade version of windows, however, In the past I have installed (clean boot) windows 7 with these same files. I had saved these files to my PC in case I lost the DVD which I did. Now I burnt them to a blank DVD so I could install windows 7 again, but later found out that it wasn't bootable. So I did some research and found out that Imgburn (very nice program by the way) would allow me to make a bootable DVD. But after following the guide to creating one, I could not find the etfsboot.com file. So I'm not to sure what to do now, lol. Perhaps the copying process didn't work? but then in that case installing windows (in windows, via setup file) isn't such a good idea P.S - Sorry for the double post, don't know how I managed that, lol.
  3. raptor_dash

    etfsboot.com file?

    Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem with creating a bootable DVD of my windows 7 ultimate edition. I have followed the Guide to creating a bootable DVD, and I must say I was loving the tutorial until I discovered I cant find a etfsboot.com file in the " boot " folder. Is the file (etfsboot.com) named differently in windows 7? (as the guide creates a bootable vista dvd) and if not, why am I missing that file? Is there some way I can get this file so I can create my bootable windows 7 dvd? I would really appreciate any help, hopefully I can get this fixed so I can do my clean install P.S - Although I'm missing that file, I can still just double click the setup file which will install windows 7 but then its not a clean install, what do you recommend I do?

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