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  1. The saved project file shows as an empty file! i.e. After saving certain datas in a project file (with.ibb extension) for future burning, If we re-open it, it shows as an empty project file! There is no saved data in that project file. Please check this. Thank you
  2. Hi, I asked you about multi-session burning. You said that ' ImgBurn can't burn a multi-session. Now I request you, why you couldn't develop ImgBurn with muti-session option, you can. I hope ImgBurn must be a final word for all burning purpose. doesn't it. ok.
  3. That's write a DVD without finalising it. I searched on the 'Guides', but I couldn't find.
  4. Thank You. Not only there here was also the problem. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.ibb Now it's OK and fine. Thank you.
  5. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\.ibb - doen't exist HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-_-SOFTWARE-_-Classes-_-.ibb.reg
  6. here I'm uploading both file in a single rar file. ImgburnReg.rar
  7. Thank you LIGHTNING UK! I Uninstalled and reinstalled the ImgBurn. But the poblem doesn't fix. If it can fix thru registry editing please tell me how can I fix it.
  8. Thank you LIGHTNING UK! and, But I think in the previous version of imgburn the project files could be easily load directly, without changing any mode, by double clicking the IBB file. Doesn't it? I feel so. I request you please devolop the ImgBurn for automatically open the project files without any manual interface. In Nero (My previous application was Nero) its project files can be directly load(open) with a double clicking!
  9. I have created and saved a 'project file' with imgburn for burning, with the extension "xxx.ibb". But later when I tried to open that file I can not open it. It is showing an error message that "you're in the wrong 'Mode' for loading an IBB file. Switch to 'Build' mode and then try again". So I switched manually to 'Build' mode and then tried again. But it occuring the same error. I,m using imgburn new version Please help me.
  10. LIGHTNING UK! I like to give long Volume label on my DVD. because it's help to detect DVD before it open. So I i'm using Imgburn to burn my DVD s. I's working fine for me. Before i was used Nero. Here i like to clear some doubts about volume label in imgburn. In imgburn (write files/folders to disk), Volume Label property, UDF column shows it can given upto 63 characters long as its volume label. But when i try to give morethan 32 characters, it truncatted and shows only 32 character as volume label on my burned disk! My question is that. Can i give upto 63 characters as volume label on UDF File . Then how ? If not why it shown upto 63 characters. I searched on the forum but can't find answer. Please help me.
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