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  1. -deleted- it is solved and already replied on a few post earlier - my mistake sorry.
  2. Thank you again! Truly appreciated. Conversion went fine indeed and fast... Noticed the iso output size is almost identical to the DVD folder size, so I assume that the conversion is almost lossless? Probably that is true, but I almost can't believe it, considering the speed of conversion...
  3. I gave it a try, it worked for the 1st DVD in the list. When ImgBurn prepared the 2nd one, it showed "Waiting for you to select layer break position..." That DVD is 5.08GB. When ignoring, there is a warning "The image it creates will NOT be suitable for burning onto double layer media." In this setup it won't be necessary: 99% sure I will never actually burn the .iso to DVD - I play it from HDD. Is there an optional parameter that 'ignores' (suppresses) this warning? So I can run this batch unattended. It looks fine so far! Thanks. p.s. it just finished, it is fine, except this warning, I had to click 'ignore' 3x
  4. Thank you so much for the quick reply. I'll give it a try. Thank you again!
  5. Say I have a folder on my HDD like X:\Movies It contains a number of video-DVDs (DVD5-DVD9 format - with VIDEO_TS sub folders) I would like to convert those to .iso files having the same name as DVD-folder, but then stored elsewhere on the HDD. So, input is like: X:\Movies\Name of Movie1 X:\Movies\Name of other movie X:\Movies\Name of another movie X:\Movies\Name of Movie2 etc. This to be converted to: X:\Output\Name of Movie1.iso X:\Output\Name of other movie.iso etc. Probably this should be done with batch/script ? But I don't know how to do that? Really appreciate help. Thanks.
  6. imwul

    Kaspersky Warning

    Promised to get back on this. Kaspersky Support suggested to make IMGBurn a 'trusted application', which I did. I am not sure if this is indeed the solution and only time will tell. The Kaspersky warning (with v.2.5.4) was the first time after install of IMGBurn and that was not much later than the date of release, so somewhere since 15 dec. Anyway, let's see. =
  7. imwul

    Kaspersky Warning

    Have sent a support-request to Kaspersky Lab (also sent them the printscreens of course) Should I get feedback, I'll get back here. Thanks sofar. =
  8. imwul

    Kaspersky Warning

    Is it trying to check for newer versions automatically ? by the way immediately after install of v. 2.5.5. I got this. okay, sofar so good, (click on "Yes I trust") then I got this =
  9. imwul

    Kaspersky Warning

    I know, will install that later, but assume the warning does not have anything to do with it..?
  10. imwul

    Kaspersky Warning

    Nop. Haven't the faintest idea what it is. That aside fileproperties: IMGBurn.exe = 2.611.712 bytes v. Nothing has changed, as far as I can see, contrary to what the warning says I mean. brgds ==
  11. imwul

    Kaspersky Warning

    I know it is not a big issue (I click on "Yes, I trust") , but maybe this can be solved in a future release? Just a suggestion. The confusing things is that this popup shows up, even though I had not launched IMGBurn. "Detected a potentially dangerous modification of the application". . . Users might wonder..: "What modification?" TIA =
  12. imwul

    Erase not possible

    I have some CD-RW74 here (Philips). They are bootcd's based on Linux (Paragon Harddisk Manager suite). Trying to erase them, but ImgBurn fails to detect the cd's. Error when trying to read the drive or something. Any other CDRW or DVDRW : no problem for ImgBurn, only these ones. Any suggestions? Else, I'll waste them. =
  13. I know this is an old thread, but I definitely agree. It would be nice to have some kind of .cfg file that could be 'imported'.
  14. imwul

    Erase Discs

    Hello, allow me to step in here. I was busy on my other pc and needed a blanc cd-rw on the spot. I only had some with data on it and cud not find the erase function within ImgBurn. I hardly use this option (=never). I did check out Tools, but drive was greyed out. Am always working in the Ez-Mode. Nów, after checking the fourm, I know I shd select Write and thén Tools-Drive-Erase. Allow me to suggest: why not have some tools (like this erase one) available in the ez-mode as well? Just an idea, no criticism. thanks = ps Oh, I resorted to use a blanc CD-ROM instead. * ImgBurn is a great product! I stuck to Nero much, much too long...* =
  15. Thanks a lot indeed, this is great! =

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