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  1. DAR

    Layout Editor Bug?

    To LIGHTNING UK! The beta version you sent me ( when we were discussing the 'Windows - No Disk' issue is showing a message saying that there is a new BETA version available (, it also says that I should contact you if I don't know where to get it from. I tried sending you a PM (I know by means of your signature that you don't want to get PM, but I don't know how to contact you directly). I would like to know if there is a chance I can get this new BETA version or is it available only to a closed group of beta testers? Thanks
  2. DAR

    Layout Editor Bug?

    You're right, I can live with an extra 8mb on my hdd until your next release. By the way, you have a great support for a free tool. Keep up the EXCELLENT work. Thanks again!
  3. DAR

    Layout Editor Bug?

    Yes, I can confirm that it works now, the error window does not show anymore. The only thing is that the EXE file you sent is 10 MB in size when uncompressed versus the 2,23 MB of the original one, is this OK? Anyway, thank you for your support. Appreciated.
  4. DAR

    Layout Editor Bug?

    Yes, I would appreciate that. My forum email is the right one. You're very kind, Thanks.
  5. DAR

    Layout Editor Bug?

    Does this mean that you will upload a new version of ImgBurn with this issue fixed?
  6. DAR

    Layout Editor Bug?

    First of all, thanks for this wonderful program. I've been using it for a while and I seriously think it is one, if not the best, burning program available today. congratulations LIGHTNING UK! Ever since I've installed the new version, when I choose 'Write files/folders to disk' and then click to open the layout editor and click on the 'My Computer' icon, I'm getting the following error message window: Windows - No Disk Exception Processing Mesage c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c (I've also attached an image showing the error window) I have two DVD burner units installed on my PC an I've noticed that this error message appears even when there are discs in both drives. If I click on 'Continue' to close the error window and continue choosing files/folders to burn to the disk everything works as it should. I've burned several DVDs and they all seems to be working fine. I don't' know how serious this error message is, but certainly is annoying.

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