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  1. I wanted to add a comment in the other thread that no more replies can be added to. Now I'm forced to start a new one; so be it. The installer for gives me trouble and I don't like what I see. The optional ASK Toolbar (funny how these are conveniently checked by default) doesn't come up until after I've clicked the INSTALL button. There's a delay during the install that doesn't reveal the whole ASK.com Toolbar tick boxes until after you're inclined to presume that INSTALL is the next step, then it shows up and is already installing. I uninstalled ImgBurn and ASK Toolbar and reconfigured my homepage because another tick box makes ASK.com your homepage. Even after reinstalling from scratch, the delay happened again. This isn't a fluke, and even if others say it doesn't respond that way for them I don't believe it. Regardless, optional add-ons are NOT to be checked by default. Everytime people inadvertently get caught by this someone is getting selfishly deemed credit at the user's expense. You're taking advantage of that. I don't care if this is a free program or not, you've chosen to make it free and have a donate button. Abide by that or find another hobby. I'm waiting for a satisfactory reply and expect to see the installer corrected to untick the optional add-ons. The USER will decide to add them if they want them, not have to uncheck them to prevent something from happening. That's a slime-ball approach to catching unsuspecting people, and there's no defense for it so don't try. There are plenty of blogs out there and I will be sending out this info if I come to find anything less than "Sorry for this, I see your point and I'll untick the checkboxes by default". No need to have negative feedback floating around on power sites and attempt damage control later that is totally unnecessary (and at best impossible). You probably won't like my tone here, but I don't like the fact I had to do uninstalls twice, remove junk I didn't want, change my homepage back and sign up on this GD forum to make this point. Whatever is locked or removed here will simply go elsewhere, and you can play the damage control game. I'm done and the apologists and flamers can use me as fodder, so rant amongst yourselves, I'm done wasting anymore time on this. Maybe others have too much time, we'll see.
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