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  1. ianymaty, If you read my earlier postings, you will note that they related to ImgBurn. My latest post, to which you refer, was merely in response to your and dbminter postings. Provided, incidentally, for information only. Maybe I needn't have bothered. I am aware of and have indeed been communicating in DVDstyler Forum, which is also mentioned in my previous postings.
  2. In thanking you for your responses, I must appologise for the delay in this latest post. I misguidedly thought it preferable to compress the AVI files to mpeg2, prior to importing the project into the authoring programme as the total project size of AVI is substantial. I haven't yet tried the more straightforward way suggested but I will, and see if this makes a difference. With regard to the Titleset reference, if your familiar with DVDstyler authoring programme, initially I cut the edited (MoviePlusX5) movie into 14 scenes and imported these into DVDstyler, together with 3 menus, in 1 Titleset. In the VGM I put my intro in Menu 1 with Scene Selection and Play All buttons in Menu 2. Whilst the authoring was ok it was too big to fit a DVD-5 for some obscure reason. Next, upon advice given, I imported the complete movie, without cutting, into DVDstyler and created chapters from this. So, as opposed to the first example , this time there is just the whole movie and the 3 menus in the 1 Titleset, the VGM being as before. Again authoring was ok but it still would not fit the disc and that is why I had to convert and shrink in order to succeed. I hope the above is a reasonable explanation.
  3. Thank you all very much for your input and assistance. I include the following, not for any particular purpose, just for information really. From the ouset, I imported AVI clips into my MvP editor then exported as mpeg2. Assuming the best way forward, at the time, I cut the video into segments which were then imported into DVDstyler for authoring (using this programme, was an education in itself but I managed it with a little help from friendly people such as yourselves). Due to the inclusion of a short intro video, menu's (the total of these being 700mMB according to DVDshrink) plus the video clips. In ImgBurn, the total project size was 4.4GB. Far too big. The main video content being only 1hr 28mins which I had to reduce, using Quick Media Convertor- DVD Format HQ, to 1hr 22mins , plus shrinking the titles, for the project to fit the DVD-5 disc.There is much more to this saga, but beyond boring and too much to relate. It's been a long journey and I have learned a lot in respect of authoring and burning, (although the original issue still bugs me). I will continue using ImgBurn for its ease of use (the humour, when a simple error is made) also the help and advice I have received. Many thanks.
  4. No, I've only refered to one Titleset. In both the previous and the current projects, there is only one Titleset. No, again sorry for any confusion (I'm new to this DVD and Authoring and, as you've probably noticed, the terminology).It was the Disc Image file when mounted and played in VLC that showed the pauses. But the VIDEO_TS file, as mentioned previously, plays ok. I thought the reason for the pause problem may have showed up in the log I included with my first post.
  5. Probably my wording has caused confusion. In my original project, the 14 scenes refered to, are seperate video clips in the Titleset, whereas in the revised project, the whole video ie. all 14 clips combined, is the only video in the Titleset. Yes, there is a pause between each scene/clip. Thanks, I will try your suggestion with DVDshrink.
  6. All scenes, together with 3 menus containing 14 scene selections, are in one Titleset. This of course changed with the new, successful, project, where the whole video replaces the 14 scenes in the one Titleset. Could the issue be due in some way to 'layer breaks' ? Even resorting to using chapters to achieve a successful burn, I had to keep reducing the content of my video from 28 to 22 mins in order for it to fit onto a DVD-R disc. This was achieved eventually, by using DVDshrink to reduce the main and scene selection titles in VMGM (fortunately not necessary to further encode the main video).
  7. With reference to my last post, in order to be able to burn my project in its entirety, it was necessary to change how I dealt with my movie in DVDstyler. Instead of inserting individual scenes into the project, I replaced these with the whole movie and added chapters. This resolved the problem to which my previous postings refered ie. the video stalling between sectors when burned to disc. Not ideal, after the effort of producing individual scenes.
  8. Many thanks for your responses. As you suspected, the fault is in the VIDEO_TS folder. I produced menus and authored the DVD using DVDstyler. I split my video into 14 sectors/clips then authored using two Main menus and three Titleset menus. The authoring works fine on VLC and stand alone DVD player, as does the playing of individual sectors when selected. Playing the whole movie is where the issue occurs. I have posted my query on the DVDstyler Forum, where I have previousley received very helpful guidance, for comment/advice. I will keep you 'posted' if I am successful with this.
  9. Thank you for last info. I have today burned my video project (refered to in my first post) onto, as suggested, a Verbatim/AZO DVD-R disc at 8x speed. Regretably, the same result as before on a cheaper disc, in that selecting 'Play Movie', the playback stutters between sectors both on pc VLC and TV. On the latter, the next sector title (chapter) is displayed on screen which doesn't help. Not sure what to do next to resolve this. Any further thoughts? I attach the log file for reference. ImgBurn Version Log 23.03.2019.txt
  10. Further to last post, I forgot to mention my suprise at not receiving more comments or advice relating to my problem, the log of which I attached. Unless of course, dbminters's response was the probable reason for it.
  11. Thank you, dbminter, for responding to my query and you recommendation. I have trawled the net and realise that purchasing good quality DVD discs can be a bit of a minefield. The Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden series being no exception when trying to ascertain country of manufacuture. However, I made a choice and will post results when I eventually complete a burn.
  12. I attach the log for a recent burn. I guess that this may reveal why, when playing the DVD on my Sony Blur--ray BDP-S3700/BDPS1700, play stops and starts between sectors. Can anyone, with the knowledge to read the log, please advise me what has caused this problem. There are 14 sectors, which can be selected individually and play ok, but when play full movie is selected, the problem occurs. I would appreciate any assistance. Log 08.03.2019.txt
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