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  1. CindyB

    .img file not supported?

    ??? I already am in build mode. I can browse for files, but I see no place to "drag and drop" them to the disk to be written.
  2. CindyB

    .img file not supported?

    Thanks...that got me over that hurdle....but now I need to get the rest of the files on there...and I don't see where I can add files. Of course I'm looking at his pictures on his site and trying to find the comparable functionality in Imgburn...but I don't see anywhere to "drag and drop" files. ??
  3. CindyB

    .img file not supported?

    I'm trying to use the instructions here... http://www.bay-wolf.com/diag.htm to create a Dell boot cd, but using imgburn instead of downloading yet another burner. But when I select the .img file, Imgburn gives an error and says the format is not supported. Can you not use .img files with this utility?

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