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  1. Would it be possible to add support for creating UEFI-bootable images to ImgBurn? Right now I have to resort to Microsoft's oscdimg to do that.
  2. AFAIK, Ctrl+Alt+something is used in various layouts to produce extended characters, while Ctrl+Shift shortcuts are supposed to be reserved for the user (though many programs define shortcuts with Ctrl+Shift). Just plain Ctrl would be best. Normally AltGr+char shouldn't trigger a shortcut at all when focus is in a textbox (then again, some versions of Delphi had this problem as well, and you had to change something in registry if you wanted to type [] without switching keyboard layout).
  3. Nothing special, it's Windows 7 with customized classic theme. I attached the .theme file. dg.zip
  4. It appears that text colour for folder tree and file list in the disc layout editor is hardcoded to black, which makes it unreadable in my colour scheme:
  5. Slovenian keyboard layout uses AltGr+Q (or Ctrl+Alt+Q) for \, and ImgBurn seems to eat this (pressing AltGr+W, which should produce | causes ImgBurn to switch to Write mode, though this isn't as important, because | isn't a valid character in paths).

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