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    .mds or .iso for xbox 360 burn

    Hi All , i only recently started using imgburn so please be patient. I am trying to burn xbox 360 games. I wasnt sure if the mod i have in my box will allow me to play these imgburn copies. Yesterday i managed to download a demo off the net and got it to play on xbox !! Does this mean that most copies (.iso`s) will work too ? Also for some reason when i inserted the demo disc it said mixed media disc , but i found the link under game library ! will all my copies do this ? Also are mod chip sensitive to regions. Tx all have a gr8 day.
  2. Hi ALl im trying to backup a xbox360 copy , i used dvd decrypter to burn the file from cd - opted for .iso file. (please confirm dvd decrypter and choosing .iso best bet) Then on my desktop had to ripped files an .iso and .mdf , when i put the .iso into imgburn it says please choose .mdf insted next time imgburn wont do this for you. I always thought the .iso is the file i needed. Will it make a diff if i put .iso or .mdf into imgburn to perform copy ? Aslo is the best way to backup ??

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