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  1. I'm not sure if this is the what is causing the problem in my case. I start with an .iso file. I'll use an .iso downloaded from MSDN as an example. Microsoft provides a SHA1 and CRC32 hash for each .iso. The .iso matches both hashes. I then burn the .iso to a DVD+R using imgburn. If I check the disc itself, the hashs still match that of the original .iso. If I extract the disc back to an image using MagicISO, the new .iso image has the correct hashes. If I extract the .iso using imgburn, the new .iso has incorrect hashes. If imgburn is padding the image when writing it to the DVD+R, wouldn't the hashes of the disc itself and of the .iso that MagicISO creates also be incorrect?
  2. I burned to DVD+R. It is a data disc. I did some more experimenting and tried 2 other programs to create an .iso from the DVD. UltraISO produced an .iso with a different checksum than the DVD. MagicISO is able to create an .iso with a checksum matching the DVD. I also tried with an original store bought DVD (My Windows 7 DVD) with the same results. The .iso created with imgburn has a different checksum than that of the DVD. MagicISO created an .iso with a matching checksum. I'm going to do a comparison of the two .isos to see what imgburn is changing in the image. I'll post my results here.
  3. When creating an .iso image from a DVD, the checksum of the .iso image does not match that of the DVD. I confirmed this by starting with an .iso image. Burning it to a DVD and then creating a new .iso from the DVD I just burned. The checksum of the original .iso and the DVD match. The checksum of the second .iso file is different. Why is imgburn modifying the .iso image and not creating an exact image of the DVD?
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